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Welcome Whistlers Beta Testers!

If you are on this page, there is a chance you may have met a Master Whistler. Since they are the only ones that can give out Secret Codes, maybe you have a Whistlers Code, too! If you have one, enter it in the login box above with your password and prepare to enter.

Whistlers World in its Beta testing period!

Here in Whistlers World, we’ve been working very hard to get to this moment, so you will find in here a special place where music bring us all together. Be prepared for many incredible adventures!

What is a Beta Tester?

Whistlers World is still in Beta testing stage, so to get it ready for the official opening,
we count on players called Beta Testers!

Beta Testers have access to the world before anyone else, while it’s still being built, and they give us feedback and report bugs to help make Whistlers World a better place for everyone. If you would like to help, please come and explore the world. You will find unique items only Beta testers will have
and will get access to more features and areas that will open soon.

We’re currently starting private Beta testing that requires a Whistlers Code to get in. If you want to get a Whistlers Code please sign up by clicking here and we will contact you when we go to Open Beta Testing.

If you’re already a Beta Tester, just log in to find out what’s new in the game!

Whistle on!

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